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There seems to be lots of confusion about what a swede is. Let’s clarify it – it’s a cross between a turnip and cabbage. One of the hardiest winter roots, swede is totally undervalued and super delicious.

Swede love affair

  • If you haven’t tried swede before or don’t remember liking it, start with trimming and peeling this undiscovered beauty. Slice thinly and season with salt. This perfect snack will reveal to you the earthy sweet flavour of swede. Dipped in hummus works well when you feel peckish.
  • Raw swede in salads.¬†Grated swede with carrots, celery, parsley and garlic, dressed with olive oil and lemon is a simple and juicy salad that can me adapted into a light meal by adding cooked chickpeas, beans or lentils. Replace the cabbage with swede in coleslaw and you have another refreshing winter salad. This Swede and carrot salad with tahini dressing will make you fall in love with raw swede.
  • When cooking swede, just think about potatoes and carrots. Swede are best cooked until tender/soft but if overcooked they can fall apart. They are very delicious alternative to potatoes if you are looking for low carb meal.
  • Swede mash.¬†Inevitably root vegetables always call for a mash. You can mash swede on its own with butter and nutmeg or you can combine it with other root veg like sweet or white potatoes, beetroot, parsnips or celeriac. Steaming swedes for mash works better than boiling as swede is a bit watery when cooked. Adding fresh herbs, spices or spring onions will make your mash even more delicious and interesting.
  • Swede soups and stews offer tons of delicious cooking possibilities. Swedes are useful as a filler in casseroles to not only stretch a meal but add lots of flavour. Making a stew with adding lentils or beans works quite well. This Green lentil dahl with winter roots is a very delicious example. We love adding creme to our swede soups. If you haven’t tried it yet this Creme roasted swede soup recipe is easy to fall in love with.
  • Swede Chips, Wedges or Fries will most likely make your kids like swede. It’s also very easy to make, just do what you would do with potatoes. Swede wedges with thyme and parmesan is a delicious combination, one of those to add to your regular winter repertoire.
  • Fritters, pies and gratins¬†are another good option for your swede. This Spiced swede fritters are super tasty with mango chutney. Swede, leek and potato gratin recipe is an yummy idea suitable when you need use up your swede in one go.
  • Roasting swede is easy and doesn’t need much preparation. Simply mix chopped swede with your favorite spice (cumin, chilli and nutmeg work very well with swede) and olive oil and roast for about 45 minutes.

Swede loves

nutmeg, lime, coriander, parsley, chilli, paprika, cumin, Indian spices, garlic, creme fraiche, butter, mascarpone, tahini, carrots, spuds, beef, lamb and fish.