We follow the ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ mantra for our packaging –


  • Most fruit and veg items are weighed straight into reusable jute bags, with no need for individual packaging
  • Packaging is used when necessary, in order to to protect fragile items or to maintain freshness
  • We chose packaging based on its ability to protect the product, how it’s made, and how it can be reused or recycled


  • Our jute bags can be reused many times. Please help us get the most use out of them by leaving them out for our drivers to collect – ideally somewhere dry so that they don’t get unnecessarily marked, stained or water-damaged
  • A team of volunteers sorts all returned bags each week. Please let us know if you have any problems with the bag(s) you’ve received – send us a photo if anything is not suitable or of concern so we can communicate with everyone involved in the process
  • If you choose to stop ordering from the farm, we are happy to collect your bags, or you can drop them to your nearest pick up point
  • Punnets and sleeves that are still in good condition can be reused, just leave them in with returned bag
  • Our egg supplier reuses egg boxes (only the ones that have come from them and have their label on still)
  • Elastic bands can be reused again and again, just leave them in your returned bags


Punnets and sleeves

Our punnets are made from recycled paper and the sleeves are made from cardboard so both can be recycled by your local council, if they are not suitable to be returned to the farm

Produce bags
  • Salad and herbs are packaged in biodegradable bags. Dispose of them with your landfill waste and they will biodegrade in 12-24 months.
  • All other greens are packaged in fully compostable bags, made from thistle plants. These can be used to line your food waste caddy for collection by the council, or pop them in with your home compost (where they will compost in 8-12 weeks, similar to your food)
  • If you don’t have either of these options, put them in with landfill waste
Grains and pulses
  • Grains and pulses are packaged in compostable gussetted bags made of NatureFlex™ which is 100% home compostable film made from cellulose, derived from sustainable wood pulp.
Bread bags

Bread is supplied in waxed paper bags, suitable for home composting.

Our Suppliers

Follow these links for more information on sustainable packaging from our suppliers:

And finally, be sure to check out our top tips on keeping your fruit and veg as fresh as possible