Community Ownership of the Farm

Sutton Community Farm is a community enterprise owned by its shareholder members, and we currently have over 400 people who have invested in the farm. The farm’s business model is a Community Benefit Society (CBS), which is a form of co-operative that exists for the benefit of the wider community.

Owning the farm collectively provides security for the future of our community enterprise and ensures we have a thriving, welcoming space for everyone to enjoy.

Membership and Shares

A key method of supporting the farm is to become a Member, which can be done by buying shares.

  • Anyone can invest in the farm and become a Member at any time
  • Shares are £1 each, with a minimum purchase of 30 shares
  • These shares are non-profit-making and represent a long-term investment in the future of the farm

Benefits of Membership

Members receive:

  • 5% discount on all products in our shop for the first year of each membership
  • Votes on some decisions that influence how the farm is run
  • Invitation to Members-only events, such as our Annual Members Meeting
  • Farm news and invitations to get involved via occasional email communications

Becoming a Member

If you would like to invest in the farm and become a member, please complete our Membership Registration Form

Click the button below to pay for your shares via PayPal. If you prefer to pay for your shares via bank transfer, please wait to receive an email with payment instructions.


Value of Share Purchase


Please note that when purchasing shares via PayPal there is an additional 3.4% + 20p charge per transaction to cover the Paypal fees.  According to our Rules the cost cannot be absorbed by the price paid for the total share value.

Terms and Conditions

  • Membership Eligibility – Membership is open to any person (whether an individual, corporate body or the nominee of an incorporated organisation) who completes our Membership Registration Form and fulfils the following criteria:
    • Is over 16 years of age
    • Supports the Society’s Purpose
    • Pays for the minimum number of shares required by the Rules
    • Approval by the Management Committee (who reserve the right to refuse any application for membership)
  • Voting Rights – We follow co-operative principles and all members are entitled to full voting rights at our Annual Members Meeting. Each member has one vote, regardless of the number of shares they own.
  • Withdrawal of Funds – Share capital may be withdrawn by selling back the shares to Sutton Community Farm after a minimum of five years from the purchase date. You may return some or all of your shares after the minimum period provided:
    • Three months notice is given
    • Trading surplus or fresh share capital allows this financially
    • The Management Committee approves the request (based on protecting the long-term interest of the Society)
  • Restrictions on Returns – 
    • A dividend on shares will be offered only in the event of the farm generating trading surplus, and approval by the Management Committee
    • Any investment should be considered as an opportunity to support the farm financially for its wider community benefits, without the expectation of financial reward
    • Investments valued less than £100 will not be eligible for dividend payments
  • Existing Members – If you are already a Member of the farm, it is possible to purchase additional shares. Please complete the Registration Form and select the option stating you are already a member.
  • Large Investments – For prospective organisations who wish to buy more than £100 worth of shares in a single purchase, please email Sonia.

Key Documents

The Rules, our Governing Document

Annual Accounts