What to do with celeriac

We are absolutely in love with celeriac. Humble looking yet powerful this unsung hero of the vegetable world is a must have  when in season as it’s easy to cook, pairs up with almost any veg and it’s undoubtedly delicious.

A powerhouse of nutrients

Celeriac has a subtle, celery-like flavour, with nutty overtones. Excellent low calorie food, celeriac is  high in fibres to help our digestive systems work better. It’s also high in vitamin K to compensate the lack of sun light in winter times. Celeriac is rich in phosphorus to build strong bones and teeth as well as manage how our body stores and uses energy.

Get it , peel it, eat it

Celeriac is at its best from September to April. When choosing get those heads that feel heavy. Store in the fridge or cool enough place. Knobby and often hairy, celery root needs peeling as its skin is too tough. It’s also too bumpy to peel with vegetable peeler so use sharp knife instead. Celeriac discolours quickly when cut. You can prevent it by putting the chopped pieces in a bowl of water with a squeeze of lemon juice or a splash of white wine vinegar added.

Celeriac as winter staple

Being such a beneficial root for our body, celeriac is also very versatile and tasty vegetable. It brings substance and fragrance to every wintery dish you make: mash, slow-cook dishes, stews or soups. It’s simply irresistible so let’s get cooking!

  • Celeriac is the root to be added to almost every winter soup. One of our favourites is this Creamy celeriac, squash and pak choi soup.
  • Creamy celeriac mash is delicious and easy way to prepare celeriac. Combine with potatoes, garlic and parsley and you’ll get another type of mash to die for.
  • Celeriac will make all stews or curry type of dishes rich and nourishing. Check out this Green lentil dahl which is quite versatile in terms of the veg that could be included. Our Potato stew is a good example of how celeriac could be used in combination with the rest winter staples to make comforting winter dishes.
  • Celeriac chips! Low carb, baked and irresistibly tasty! A definite reason to grab as much celeriac as you can!
  • Baking celeriac is quick and easy. Celeriac and potato dauphinoise is a recipe to go for if you like gratins.
  • We love our celeriac raw! Once you try Celeriac remoulade with raisins and red onion you’ll fall in love with celeriac forever!

Happy cooking!