All About: Swede

Swede is a root vegetable, which is also known as rutabaga and, in Scotland, it takes the name of ‘neeps’ and is regarded as a turnip. It is indeed similar… read more »

Honey-roasted swede with chilli & cumin

This week a very simple recipe for a quick and tasty meal with one of Sutton Community Farm’s favorites. The Swede is back in our Vegboxes,  for a little early… read more »

Swede, Leek and Potato Gratin

Here’s a great recipe from Waitrose that combines the season’s best produce – swedes, leeks and potatoes. If you don’t have King Edward potatoes, why not try the Charlottes that… read more »

Spiced Swede Fritters

The swede is a surprisingly versatile veg and you can treat it very similarly to a potato, so mash it and crown a shepherd’s pie with it or roast it… read more »

Swede Wedges with Thyme and Parmesan

Every vegbag customer gets swede this week – well, Scandinavia is so hip right now (ha ha) – so here’s a surprising use for them: cooking them up like potato… read more »

Swede mash

Peel and cut into roughly even sized cubes (not too small). Boil in salted water until tender. Drain in a colander then sit the colander back on the empty pan (off… read more »