Chilled Courgette Soup with Purslane

This is an absolutely delicious recipe from Food & Wine Magazine that makes great use of our farm’s fresh courgettes and the incorporates the unrivalled super food that is summer… read more »

All About: Summer Purslane

Summer purslane is a low-growing succulent that, encouraged by the warmer weather over the summer months, you’ll often see protruding from pavement cracks and peppering vegetables patches. Whilst some gardeners… read more »

Summer Purslane Pasta

                  Prep time: 5 minutes Cook time: 10 minutes This recipe accommodates a 500g bag of pasta. Ingredients: 1 bunch purslane (400… read more »

Winter purslane – miner’s lettuce

Winter purslane – the common name miner’s lettuce refers to its use by California Gold Rush miners who ate it to get vitamin C to prevent scurvy. It’s really spongy… read more »