What To Do With Green Tomatoes

Below are three ways to use this seasonal green goodness! Fried Green Tomatoes Slice the tomatoes and place in a bowl. Season with salt, dried basil, dried garlic, black pepper… read more »

Autumn Rice with Homemade Pickles

— Contributed by Carlota Sanchez After a week I was finally able to open my pickle jars! So, I invited a friend for a warm, wholehearted autumn meal to celebrate… read more »

What to do with Green Tomatoes

We’re coming to the end of our tomato season, as our plants aren’t producing any new fruits and those on the plants are having trouble turning red with this colder… read more »

Notes from the Field

It’s been nice this week to see the first few shoots of garlic poking up (pictured above), 3 weeks after planting – a little quick, perhaps thanks to the mild… read more »

Fried Green Tomatoes Breakfast

We’ve been pulling up the last of the tomato plants this week, and of course there are always some fruits that haven’t quite blushed yet. But never throw away your… read more »