Chard and Pinto Bean Stew

Rainbow chard makes this dish beautifully colourful and there’s a lovely warmth from the chilli, ginger and spices. It’s also a great one-pot-wonder for quick weekday suppers which all the… read more »

Papardelle with VegBox Greens

If you have a pile of VegBox greens that really need eating up, for example spinach, chard or kale, how about giving Ceri Jones’ favourite pappardelle dish a try. Super… read more »

Crown Prince Squash, Red Onion, Chard & Blue Cheese Quiche

For these quantities you will need a 22-24cm quiche tin – stainless steel tends to work better than glass. Pastry 125g butter, very cold from the fridge and cubed 200g… read more »

Recipe ideas from our Online barn celebration

Our housewarming barn party was quite different from what we’ve imagined. Since we would be missing the live interaction with our farm community we relied on cooking food to bring… read more »

Alice’s Chard and leek lasagna

                          One of my favourite ways to eat chard is in a lasagne – it’s strong savoury flavour… read more »

What To Do With Chard

We love to grow it, eat it and create recipes with it!   A bit of history… The chard plant was first described in 1753. The word “chard” descends from… read more »