Christmas Tapas

  Portobello mushrooms stuffed with squash puree Steam the squash. Mash it with olive oil, salt to taste, cumin, soy sauce, garlic and grated cheddar cheese. Season the mushrooms with… read more »

Baked Sprout Tops Rolls

  Prep and Cooking: 40-50 min Ingredients: Sprout tops leaves Potatoes Garlic From the cupboard: Cooking oil for greasing Oregano Eggs Full fat milk or cream Cheddar cheese Method: Blanch… read more »

Baked Squash with Rice, Raisin & Brussels Sprouts Stuffing

  Serves: 2-3                                Prep and Cooking: 1 hour 30 mins Ingredients: 500-700g squash 1 small leek 7-8 Brussels sprouts or 150g kale 2 cloves of garlic handful of coriander (optional)… read more »

Brussels Sprout, Walnut & Raisin Stir-Fry with Parsnip Mash

Serves: 2 as main, 4 as side              Prep and Cooking: 30 minutes Ingredients: 150g potatoes 300g parsnips 200g carrots 300g Brussels sprouts 1 leek 2-3 garlic cloves juice of ½… read more »

Pad Thai noodles with flower sprouts

We are very excited for this week’s Flower Sprouts. This small brassica is the combination of brussels sprouts and kale, storing all the antioxidants contained in both theses vegetables. It’s… read more »

Red Sprout Risotto

This week the bags from Medium size and up are getting a special something: red Brussels Sprouts! That certainly calls for a sprouts recipe, so here’s one from Ottolenghi –… read more »