Potato, Beetroot & Kale Salad

Prep & Cooking Time: 30 minutes Ingredients: 500g potatoes 200g kale 500g beetroot handful of parsley 1-2 lemons 4-5 cloves garlic From the cupboard: olive oil salt to taste Method:… read more »

Veg-Shed Root & Spinach Stir-Fry

  Serves 4 Prep & Cooking: 40-45 minutes Ingredients: 1 large onion or 1 large leek 300g spinach or pak choi 2 large parsnips 2 large beetroot handful of wild… read more »

Stuffed Potatoes with Winter Greens and Beetroot Salad

Serves: 4 Prep & Cooking: 30 – 45 minutes Ingredients: 4 large or 8 small potatoes 1 leek 200g spinach, kale or any stir-fry veg available handful of parsley handful of fresh wild… read more »

Beetroot, Carrot & Celeriac Winter Soup

Serves: 4 Prep & Cooking: 30 minutes Ingredients: 500g beetroot 1 large carrot 1 small leek ½ head celery 1 large potato 2-3 cloves garlic From the cupboard: olive oil salt to… read more »

Beetroot and Chocolate Cake

Makes about 10 pieces. Prep & Cooking: 30-45 mins Ingredients: 300g beetroot From the cupboard and the fridge: 4 eggs 200g brown sugar 100g cooking oil 160g spelt flour 160g… read more »

Rice Salad with Beetroot and Walnuts

Pavlina created this recipe and we served it at the Carshalton Environment Fair – it was our most popular salad. Sorry we didn’t snap a photo! Here’s the recipe: Ingredients: 1 big beetroot… read more »