Renee’s Warming Winter Salad

Rens warming salad

Provided by Renee Davis, vegbag customer and food blogger. Read more at Ren’s Recipes.

Ingredients for one

Large carrot
Med sized bulb of beetroot
Med sized pear
Large tomato
2 inch chunk of cucumber
2 mushrooms
Few florets of cooked broccoli
1 inch chunk of choriz0 (I cannot get enough of this)
Tin of mackerel (I love this)
Tbsp mayonnaise
Tbsp mixed seeds
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
Tbsp good balsamic vinegar (I love this)


– peel and grate the carrot, beetroot and pear, dress with the oil and vinegar and mix well. Place at the bottom of a large bowl
– in a small bowl mix together the mackerel, mayo and seeds. Put to one side
– chop up all your other ingredients to taste (I like my bits quite small, hubby likes massive chunks, everyone’s different). Scatter on top of your grated veg
– place the mackerel on the top and lunch is served
**this salad can easily be adapted to whatever you’ve got kicking around in your fridge. For example instead of using mackerel just chuck in a handful of chopped leftover meat from last nights dinner. If you want to go veggie, roast up some parsnips and courgette in olive oil, salt & pepper and mix that up with a spoon of mayo for your topping. The options are endless…


I can’t take credit for the basis of this salad – a dear friend put me on to it and I’m so pleased she did. I love the idea of mostly only eating seasonal ingredients, and here in the UK carrot and beetroot can be found everywhere. It’s a bit more time consuming than opening a bag of mixed leaves, but so worth it and very filling. Although a seemingly strange addition to this salad, the pear is definitely my ‘secret ingredient’ adding just the right amount of sweetness without over powering. Here’s what I’ve been eating daily for the past few weeks.