Fried Green Tomatoes Breakfast

green tomatoes

We’ve been pulling up the last of the tomato plants this week, and of course there are always some fruits that haven’t quite blushed yet. But never throw away your green tomatoes, as this is a great opportunity to try some green tomato recipes.

Charlotte, our apprentice grower, recommends a fried green tomato breakfast. Here is head grower Joris’s version:

Slice some garlic. Heat some light olive oil in a pan. Half your tomatoes. Place them in skin-side down. Fry for 2 minutes til they soften a little. Add salt and garlic and turn the tomatoes over for a further 2 minutes. Serve with a (Sutton Community Farm-supplied) egg on toast.

And we shouldn’t let this very seasonally specific moment go without mentioning Green Tomato Chutney. If you’re already a jam-maker and haven’t ventured into chutneys, this is the one that should tempt you to. There are some wonderful recipes out there – Nigel Slater recommends a mix of green and red tomatoes in his version.