2019 in Learning…

In addition to growing lots of veg, we also cultivate a range of opportunities for children, young people and adults to learn about how to grow food. People can gain hands on experience at the farm, learning about crop rotation, composting, green manures, plant life cycles, seasonality, locality, biodiversity and all stages of crop production. Our veg is grown using organic principles, putting systems in place that ensure sustainable longevity, while actively building fertility in the soil – the more people that know how to grow food like this, the better!

This year we’ve continued to welcome a range of school groups to the farm for one-off visits. We’ve created work experience opportunities for young people with and without additional support needs. We’ve continued to run our Sustainable Farming Assistant Programme, which is open to adults looking to get a more in depth and theoretical understanding of crop production.

Throughout the year we have hosted free-to-attend evening community events on a monthly basis, alternating between documentary film screenings exploring the complex and nuanced world of food and farming, and skill share workshops such a kimchi making, seed saving and jam making. Check our social media streams and website for monthly updates about such opportunities.

Finally, we continue to run our Growing Apprentice Programme. This is a 20 month paid job for someone looking to seriously skill up and start their career in farming and food growing. Each apprentice gets the experience of two full growing seasons, with lots of responsibility in the second season. We are currently recruiting for our 2020-2021 apprentice, deadline is January 6th. Click here for more info on how to apply.

Come and learn with us!