What people say


Here’s a taster of the things people are saying about our farm and the work we do. We are grateful to be doing what we do and quotes like this inspire us to keep growing the farm from strength to strength.

“Sutton Community Farm is a fine example of peri-urban farming and the organisation is to be highly commended on the strategic approach taken to integrate values, principles and structure.”
Naturesave Insurance

“Sutton Community Farm has an excellent track record in the recruitment, deployment and management of volunteers and has drawn on my services to develop its policies and procedures. I particularly like the collective and democratic nature of their work environment with people who are highly committed to their green and sustainable ethos. In my opinion, they are just the sort of organisation we should be supporting and partnering with.”
Martin Faiers, Good Practice Consultant, Volunteer Centre Sutton

“I would like to say a big thank you to everyone for making me feel so welcome. Volunteering at Sutton Community Farm has gone a long way toward helping restore my sense of humour and making me feel valued at a particularly difficult time in my life.”
Sarah, volunteer

“I am so happy I found you guys, it is wonderful to have real, fresh food – the smell of them as I cut them is so wonderful. Please thank everyone for their hard work.”
Nicola, customer

“I bought some vegetables from you last week. They were so good I have ordered some more. They are so tasty compared to supermarket veg! I will be a regular returning customer.”
Terry, customer

“The farm’s vegetables have such flavour, I don’t need to use a many stocks, spices and salts when I cook so it makes mealtimes easy!”
Beata, customer

“Both Martin and I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone at Sutton Community Farm for being great hosts. I would like to thank you also for all of your help, tips and insider knowledge in regards to creating a viable, community-based, horticulture business.”
Adrian, Ealing Mencap

“Thank you so much for Saturday, we had a brilliant time. It was lovely to see the farm, we loved picking the vegetables and the cookery demonstration was brilliant, it has certainly given me ideas! I used one of the recipes that evening!”
Miranda, volunteer

“It’s exhilarating to work at Sutton Community Farm, whatever the weather! I’ve met some awesome people and the whole experience is making me much more aware of our connection to the world around us – and the need to strengthen it – in ways I couldn’t have imagined before. I’m sometimes physically knackered at the end of a full day’s work, but my heart is full and it’s great to be able to contribute to something so positive and so necessary.”
Victoria, volunteer

“Time spent volunteering at Sutton Community farm has really helped towards lifting my low mood. A combination of the active outdoor work, being around nature, fresh air, new people and feeling needed as part of a team has been a really important way of managing and improving my depression. I always go home after a day at the farm feeling deeply satisfied, energised and seem to sleep better that night, setting me in better stead for the remainder of my week. I try to volunteer regularly every Wednesday as I find it’s good for me to have a set routine and as I’ve begun to build friendships and new skills there, it’s massively helped improve my self-esteem too. Having tried various things over the years to improve my depression including CBT, one-to-one therapy, antidepressants and nutritional therapy – all of which have helped to some extent – being at the farm seems the most natural way of improving my mental health whilst socialising, being active and learning new skills for the future.”
Hetty, volunteer

“We were able to work with Sutton Community Farm last year in order to give young people Not In Education, Employment or Training an opportunity to give something back to their community. The people at Sutton Community Farm were so accommodating and passionate about what they do. Our young people left having had a thoroughly rewarding and enjoyable experience, inspired about the value of hard work. What Sutton Community Farm do is essential for One Planet living, and the passion from those working at the farm is infectious.”
Ben Webb, NEET Outreach Worker, Volunteer Centre Sutton

“Sutton Community Farm are true builders of community and were kind enough to donate a wide variety of salad leaves to support a recent bread-making workshop that Sutton Shares was running to develop social connections. This generosity and willingness to help out is typical of the farm’s workers and volunteers.”
Matt Little, Sutton Shares Timebank Coordinator, Volunteer Centre Sutton

“Just wanted to say thanks for providing great-tasting food and for making the pick-up points accessible for us living in London. After eating so-called organic foods from supermarkets, there is no comparison at all. So, so nice!”
Jenny V, customer

“I’ve had turnips from supermarkets before and thought they were not bad, but nothing special. But the farm’s really are delicious and a pleasure to cook with and eat.”
Lesley, customer

“Congratulations Sutton Community Farm on the miracle of the year – my daughter doesn’t eat vegetables, yet she ate your kale!”
Stella, customer

“I am really pleased with this service and am happy that I am eating seasonal, local food at an affordable price. I have been approached by Abel & Cole at fairs and prefer to order from Sutton Community Farm for its service, locality, impact on the community and quality of produce and service. At some point I plan to volunteer and become more involved.”
Pamela, customer