Planting 420 Trees at Sutton Community Farm – Saturday 30th November

Come to Sutton Community Farm on Saturday 30th November to help us plant 420 new trees! These trees will be the basis of new hedgerows to create borders through and… read more »

Composting with Orchard Hill

By Harley Wright (Community Engagement Coordinator Nov 2016- Jun 2017) Composting at Sutton Community Farm has come along way in the past 18 months. Previously, due to the demands of… read more »

Call for contributors: selecting fruit trees for the Farm

A call for a bit of collaborative design here. We have a small amount of funding from the Veolia Environmental Trust to select and plant some fruit trees on our… read more »

Meeting the Land Workers Alliance and the fight against EU Seed law

Written by Kevin Hobbs Land Workers Alliance 2013: 23-24 November, Trill Farm, Devon. Last weekend I found myself drawn out of London again to the south west to spend the… read more »

Body Invadors Right Here on the Farm

We get our fair share of caterpillars here at the farm but were recently flummoxed to find one seemingly protecting its eggs. “Caterpillar’s don’t lay eggs,” we thought, “how can… read more »

Cinnabar Caterpillars and Ragwort

A wise, Brazilian, organic coffee farmer (João Pereira Lima Neto of Fazenda Santo Antonio da Agua Limpa) once said to me that “when nature sees a problem it sends life… read more »