Call for contributors: selecting fruit trees for the Farm

A call for a bit of collaborative design here. We have a small amount of funding from the Veolia Environmental Trust to select and plant some fruit trees on our farm, and I would like to invite people to contribute their thoughts.

I’ve prepared an open and editable background document about this project and wanted to invite people to:

1) Decide how many trees it’s feasible to place along the edge of the site. Best for someone to measure on the ground.
2) Select our tree species and placement – using the map in the document to mark and annotate.
3) Finalise our order.
4) Sam needs to then check with Surrey Council (our landowners – they want to give permission before going ahead).
5) Then Sam will order trees
6) Then all welcome to the Farm to help plant them!

The information in the document will also be useful for an information board about trees on the farm. And this feeds into the permaculture LAND status we are trying to achieve.

Thank you to contributors. Any further questions, feel free to contact Sam – sam at

Here’s too a fruity future!