Rachel joined the farm in 2017 as a Growing Trainee. As of January 2022 she became one of our Heads of Production. She is responsible for crop production, which includes trialling different practises to improve our soil health, and the health of the whole farm ecosystem. She also teaches budding farmers through our Growing Traineeship programme, works with different teams of volunteers and oversees farm infrastructure.

Rachel is working on improving our existing Traineeship with more theoretical learning and organised farm trips. She’s keen to expand training opportunities at the farm by creating more programs for different levels of experience and knowledge. Rachel’s determined to train lots of new farmers, and send them out into the world to create more small-scale, agroecological farms across the land! She also feels very committed to embed anti-racism and inclusivity into how we operate. This would include teaching and traineeship recruitment, and experimenting with new ways of working.