Cooking with Pavlina at Sutton Community Farm: 30th October

Eat well and shop consciously

Everyday life often gets in the way of enjoying our food. We are busy and often reach for the most convenient option. Having access to so much information sometimes makes us think that cooking is complicated and requires a lot of effort. Having tomatoes in the middle of December disconnects us from the taste and pleasure of seasonal eating.

  • What would you like to change, understand or improve your relationship with food? 
  • Where is practical to start? 
  • What do you need to make it happen? 
  • How can you regain the joy of cooking and eating?

Come and join us at our farm for a morning of exploring food. This workshop is designed to give personalised and practical advice on any challenges you come across when feeding yourself and your family. We will cook and eat together, exchanging recipes and ideas in a small group.

This workshop is an opportunity to:

  • Stir up creativity and reconnect to your own knowledge
  • Gain practical skills in the kitchen and beyond
  • Increase confidence in feeding yourself well through trying out new recipes
  • Enhance your curiosity about food
  • Learn about seasonality, shopping for food, and veg you are unfamiliar with.

To facilitate this exciting journey we have Pavlina, who is the person behind our delicious online veg shop. Every week she communicates with food growers, making sure our veg boxes are filled with locally grown produce. She cooks plenty of healthy and delicious food for our farm’s stalls and our online recipe bank. Her kitchen is always busy cooking for friends and family.

At Sutton Community Farm we love growing veg and cooking food and we want to share our joy and knowledge with you!

Sutton Community Farm is a community owned and not for profit organisation. All the profit that we make goes to support our community work.


Date: 30th October 

10.30 am – 2pm

Price: £120

Price includes all organic ingredients, loads of fresh produce from our farm. We will be eating several tasting dishes so we won’t leave hungry.

10 places available

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