Kale and Chilli Pasta

This is hands down our family favourite meal, with our two kids absolutely loving it! It’s also very quick and easy to make so great for those mid-week suppers, and… read more »

Kale and Mixed Peel Dip

There’s nothing like adding mixed peel to a dip to keep the festivities going. We’ve used kale, but the same approach works just as well with all the trimmings from… read more »

Leek and Coconut Curry

A very simple and soothing curry from Farm Manager Alice –   Ingredients 500g leeks 4 cloves garlic 30g ginger 1 lime Sprinkle of fresh coriander to garnish From the… read more »

What To Do with Kale

Few vegetables have achieved superstar status as rapidly and remarkably as kale. Over the last decade, it has seamlessly found its way onto restaurant menus, gracing dishes of various kinds—from… read more »

What To Do with Leeks

Leeks are not only beautiful but also rich in nutrients and essential antioxidants. They are a common vegetable worldwide, known for their fantastic versatility and enhancing the flavour and aroma… read more »

Stuffed Squash all’ Amatriciana

You can use a variety of small squashes suitable for stuffing for this recipe – such as acorn or carnival. Just adjust your quanitiy of filling to suit. Ingredients 1… read more »