Robyn Knight

Having started volunteering under the Sustainable Farming Assistant programme, Robyn has been Food Distribution Coordinator at Sutton Community Farm since March 2015. She is following her mission to work with food growing and supplying on a more local scale. Robyn is expert at customer service and also our logistics queen, organising delivery routes, events, packing processes etc. Before joining Sutton Community Farm, Robyn was London Canvassing Team Administrator at Abel & Cole from June 2013 to March 2015, creating and ensuring the success of the weekly canvassing rota for 4-6 canvassing teams. Later in her time with Abel & Cole she was involved in creating the Canvassing Events Support role, establishing an acquisition-focused presence at events across all four regional teams. She managed a monthly events budget, initiated the capture and analysis of data from events, and represented Abel & Cole on the doorstep and at numerous festivals, fairs and markets. Her efforts resulted in over 1,000 new customers in six months.

Her time at Sutton Community Farm has seen the VegBox scheme grow rapidly and customer retention reach well above average for the sector. She and Pavlina compile and monitor customers’ data and Robyn says ‘this has enabled me to have a personal relationship with almost every single one of our active customers.’ Pavlina and Robyn lead a team of loyal volunteers who come in to pack the vegetables for the customers every week.

November 26, 2015