Gay McDonagh

Gay has been an active volunteer at Sutton Community Farm since its beginnings in 2010, and throughout the various changes in focus, scale and employees at the farm. Gay loves being involved with the farm, as it completely accords with her environmental and spiritual outlook on life.  

With her long experience of regular volunteering at the farm and involvement with the whole volunteer community, she has a lot to contribute to the Management Committee as a Community Representative. Gay has lived and worked in the local community for many years and has a good knowledge of local community life and people, which is an important contribution to the committee.  Gay interacts on a regular basis with the other volunteers at the farm, so would be ideally suited to acting as a spokesperson on the committee for that valuable group. 

Gay joined the Management Committee as community representative in July 2019. In accordance with the Rules, as an elected member, Gay’s term of office ends at the conclusion of her third AMM which will be in 2022.