Harley’s Growing Apprentice Review 2015-2016

Well it’s that time of year again! The 2017 sowing schedule is underway and the cropping calendar is about to be pasted all over the VegShed walls… it seems like… read more »

What’s in our Boxes this week: 16th & 17th February

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Baked Squash with Rice, Raisin & Brussels Sprouts Stuffing

  Serves: 2-3                                Prep and Cooking: 1 hour 30 mins Ingredients: 500-700g squash 1 small leek 7-8 Brussels sprouts 2 cloves of garlic handful of coriander From the cupboard: 50g… read more »

We’re hiring our 2017 Growing Apprentice!

The role of the Growing Apprentice is to support the Head of Production at the farm, developing skills and experience in local food production. The apprentice will play a role… read more »

What’s in our Boxes this week: 9th & 10th February

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Mushroom, Leek & Potato Stew with Garlic & Beetroot Salad

Serves:2-3                                    Prep and Cooking: 30-40 minutes Ingredients: 500g potatoes 1 leek (about 150g) 200g mushrooms 200g carrots 500g beetroot 4-5 cloves garlic handful of parsley From the cupboard: cooking oil… read more »

What’s in our Boxes this week: 2nd & 3rd February

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2-day Introduction to Permaculture Course at Sutton Community Farm

March 2017 – Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th Learn the basics of Permaculture Design on this two-day Introduction to Permaculture and be ready to try it out in your garden,… read more »

Baked Sweet Potato Balls with Chard Pesto

Makes: 9-10 balls                 Prep and Cooking: 50-60 minutes Ingredients: 700g sweet potatoes 1 medium onion 80g chard 4 garlic cloves From the cupboard: cooking oil 150 olive oil salt to… read more »

From the Field: January Newsletter

Hi, I’m Joris. I’ve been working at the farm for 4 years and for the most part am responsible for the growing activities on the farm. This year we thought… read more »