What’s in our Boxes: 16th &17th August

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Home composting & healthy soils workshop Saturday 11th August 2018

Come to Sutton Community Farm on Saturday 11th August from 10am – 1pm to learn all about soil, the soil food web and home composting systems. Composting expert Paul Richens… read more »

What’s in our Boxes 12th & 13th July

Management Committee Recruitment

We are recruiting to our management committee! This is an exciting opportunity for individuals with good business experience looking for a responsible role in an ambitious, vibrant and successful enterprise…. read more »

What’s in our Boxes 5th & 6th July

Cold Summer Soup (Russian style) Okroshka

Makes: 4 bowls approx                  Preparation: 20 min Ingredients: 1 cucumber 3 spring onions 2-3 potatoes 4-5 radishes Handful of dill From the cupboard: 2 tablespoons olive oil 3 eggs 500g… read more »