A Packaging Update – please return your punnets

The ever-contentious issue of packaging persists!

Returnable Punnets and Elastic Bands

We had 100% veg from the farm this week in our VegBoxes including our delicious tomatoes which, like all soft fruits, require extra protection in the packing and transportation process. While plastic punnets may seem like the most logical option, our priority is to avoid the material wherever possible. Alas, we haven’t yet sourced lids for the paper punnets we’re using instead so we’re having to get creative for the time being. We realise this may increase the amount of packaging for more fragile items but our priority is to choose reusable, recyclable or compostable options before anything else. We’re looking into slicker alternatives and encourage customers to return their paper punnets for reuse. We’ll even reuse elastic bands if customers want to return those too – we know how they have a habit of building up at home! You can read more on our About Our Packaging page.

Jute Bags

Customers may have noticed that our new supply of jute bags are floppier and not as robust as the initial stock. Despite the agonising wait, the new supply were not what we expected and this seems to be largely due to the bags being unlined. This poses a problem as the softer bags don’t protect their contents as well. We’ve searched high and low for the same supply as our original stock to no avail as yet. Apart from trialling some natural fabric-stiffening solutions, we’re a little stumped as to what to do when the current stock runs out and we may have to resort to the bags with a thin plastic lining like the supermarkets use. If anyone has any leads or expertise in the field of unlined yet hardy jute bags, or even the time to help us research, please get in touch and share your wisdom – the success of London’s first returnable VegBox jute bag pilot depends on it!