Tomato Seed Saving Workshop – Wednesday 25th September 2019

Come to Sutton Community Farm on Wednesday 25th September 2019 from 5pm – 7pm to learn all about the practice of seed saving!

This workshop is completely free to attend, and is open to volunteers of the farm and members of the public. For this evening session we will be leading you through the wonderful world of seed-saving, we’ll begin by picking the best tomatoes on the farm and then together we’ll work through the different steps of saving seeds from them so that we can use them to propagate some of next year’s tomatoes.

This year on the farm we grew 32 different varieties of tomatoes! A huge diversity, many different shapes, colours, tastes, textures and successes. We are looking to save the seeds of some of our favourite (non-hybrid) varieties to grow them again next year.

Seed saving is a really cool skill, contributing to the resilience of the food system, and allowing the local environment to influence subsequent generations of plants, usually for the better! We will be focusing on tomatoes for this workshop, but skills and knowledge gained can be applied to saving seeds from other plants.

To come along, please email Sonia to book your place –