Freestyle Sweetcorn Fritters

We call these freestyle fritters because once you’ve mastered the basic recipe and technique you can add in all sorts of different flavours or spices. They’re great as a light… read more »

Kohlrabi and Apple Coleslaw with Toasted Pine Nuts

A modern take on the classic slaw. It’s been made simply with shop-bought mayonnaise, but you could also use a French remoulade style dressing for a more complex flavour. The… read more »

Red Kuri Squash Thai Red Soup

A lightly spiced soup, perfect for colder days. Using a whole jar of medium spiced paste, this was lightly spiced. To jazz it up you can add extra chillis. Makes… read more »

Creamy Parsnip and Rosemary Soup

A warming, creamy soup perfect for the winter months. Top with parsnip crisps for added fun and jazz. Serves 4-6, roughly 2 litres. Ingredients: 750g parsnips, peeled, large dice +… read more »

Crown Prince Squash, Red Onion, Chard & Blue Cheese Quiche

For these quantities you will need a 22-24cm quiche tin – stainless steel tends to work better than glass. Pastry 125g butter, very cold from the fridge and cubed 200g… read more »

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Parsnips & Pancetta

No more soggy over boiled sprouts. Sprouts caramelize when roasted and mixed with salty pancetta and sweet parsnips it’s a side dish with a spark. Serves 4, depending on quantity… read more »