Broccoli Brown Rice Asian Salad (Vegan)

A beautiful rainbow of spring colours, this Broccoli Brown Rice Asian Salad is vegan and gluten-free. It makes a satisfying and hearty meal bursting with goodness. Filled with vegetables, seeds,… read more »

Cauliflower and Spinach Egg curry (Vegetarian)

This light cauliflower & spinach egg curry is bursting with colour and vegetables.  Quick and easy, it makes such a great family meal. Ingredients: 300g cauliflower florets 200g spinach leaves… read more »


This is my take on Börek, a filo pastry dish from Turkey. I used seasonal leeks instead of spinach and added some mint. This Leek With Feta “Börek” Pie is… read more »

Lucy’s creamed celeriac mash with fennel fronds pesto

Here is Lucy, a member of our Tuesday packing crew. Eager to come up with healthy and easy cooking ideas, she made for us this delicious celeriac mash. The fennel… read more »

Ann’s Kale and Mushroom Slow Stirfry

  Here is Ann, one of our regular packing volunteers! She loves experimenting with new ways to cook with seasonal veg. Here is her quick and easy kale and mushroom… read more »

Anna’s sweetcorn and courgette fritters

Meet Anna, a keen packing volunteer. Passionate about cooking, Anna attended our first cooking workshop at the farm and come up with this delicious and very easy recipe. Love it!… read more »