Carrot Top Pesto (vegan)

Packed with flavour, this vegan carrot top pesto is the perfect topping for pasta, rice, pizza, salads and even eggs. Blended with basil, a hint of mint, lemon juice, almonds… read more »

Sweet Potato Quesadillas (vegetarian)

  These vegetarian sweet potato quesadillas are quick and easy to make and absolutely scrumptious. I like to serve them with guacamole or a side of sour cream. The tortillas… read more »

Mini Greek Quiches (vegetarian)

Filled with a creamy spinach filling, these super tasty mini Greek quiches are truly delicious and versatile. You can serve them as appetiser but they also make great lunch or… read more »

Broad bean stew

In this recipe you can use the smaller (yonger) pods whole. The bigger ones need to be podded as the shell is quite stringy even when cooked. In the Southeast… read more »

Annabelle’s Cabbage curry

This light and tasty cabbage curry is the perfect recipe to jazz up some white or green cabbage. Quick and easy to make, this dish is served with rice, fresh… read more »

Carrot tops hummus

                        Ingredients: 80g of carrot tops (remove the stalks) 3 steamed carrots 2 garlic cloves From the cupboard: 50g… read more »