Carrot tops hummus

                        Ingredients: 80g of carrot tops (remove the stalks) 3 steamed carrots 2 garlic cloves From the cupboard: 50g… read more »

Mustardy Beetroot Slaw with Smoked Mackerel

This super speedy and satisfying dish is great for the hungry gap, when the veg scene is still dominated by root veg, but we might get a few warm or… read more »

Bright Beetroot Pasta

I love the bright pink colour the beetroot gives this dish! Ingredients: 400g Beetroot Small handful of herbs – parsley, dill, thyme or tarragon half a lemon From the cupboard:… read more »

Marinated Celery Salad with Beans

                          This crunchy salad would go well as part of a mezze spread or would be good for… read more »

What to do with Swede

                        There seems to be lots of confusion about what a swede is. Let’s clarify it – it’s a… read more »

Swede and carrot salad with tahini dressing

                        We can’t praise enough eating swedes raw! This easy and delicious salad is quite versatile in term of… read more »