Update on the Barn Build (January 2019)


We are pleased to present this update on our barn project, which is currently on track with the actions and timeline communicated at our last Annual Members Meeting in August 2018.

Work Completed

As planned, we have:

  • Engaged with staff and volunteers to capture detailed requirements and ideas. We have summarised the many ideas and requirements into a one page brief.
  • Visited 3 comparable community food growing projects to get inspiration from their facilities. Short summary here.
  • Conducted a site assessment to decide the best location for the barn. We considered 4 different sites, before deciding on the site to the east of the existing Veg Shed.
  • Developed more accurate cost estimates.
  • Completed an outline design for our new barn with the support of our architect, Hannah Dixon, shown in the images below.

The Design


  • Simple, open, flexible, rectangular space
  • The South end is mainly operational with vehicle access and wide door
  • The North end is the pedestrian access and the more sociable, open side of the building, opening onto the “courtyard” next to Veg Shed and pizza oven
  • Relatively low eaves, which makes the barn a comfortable, human scale, but allows room for a mezzanine in future if increased floor space is required

Materials chosen

  • Exposed timber framed (which has a lower carbon footprint than steel)
  • Combination of tin and timber cladding. Tin cladding is durable, agricultural in style, and the simple installation makes it affordable.
  • Translucent GRP cladding to get light in for lower cost than large glass windows
  • Hardwearing concrete or resin floor

Next Steps and Estimated Timeline

  1. February 2019: Submit planning application
  2. Spring 2019: Tender and appointment of contractor
  3. Summer 2019: Start on site
  4. November 2019: Completion & opening party!

This project is being funded by the generous support of our members. We have also received support from The Community Shares Booster Programme, Sutton Community Fund, The Elizabeth Creak Charitable Trust, The Frank Litchfield Charitable Trust and The Rowan Bentall Trust.