Matthew Rowell

Matthew has been a Friday delivery driver for the farm since 2018. Before that, he was a class teacher for 22 years so driving for the farm was quite a change but he finds it is great to be out and about, meeting so many people and seeing south London as he passes through on Friday each week.

Here’s Matthew’s take on delivering for the farm:

“I have always been punctual and reliable but early on, in 2018, I made some huge errors such as driving off in the wrong van and taking the correct van but with the wrong food! Early on, I delivered to the correct house number but on the wrong road-like playing all the right notes to a tune but not in the right order….

I am usually accompanied by my adult son Joseph. He has an autism, which, for customers, may mean that he can appear a little rude at first (he sometimes says thank you) and Joseph can be a bit nosey. He is really happy to help and loves getting things correct for customers and responds to a little bit of praise. If he delivers to you, I will always be within earshot if you want to ask me a question. Like his dad, he enjoys the drive and has a great knowledge of the routes we take and can remember all 40(+/-) roads and streets of our route when we reflect at the end of our drive.”