Jala Haidar

Jala is a Growing Trainee, and she is being paid to learn all about growing food organically at a commercial scale. She has been a member of staff since July 2020, and will continue with us until November 2021.

Jala is very inspired by the community food movement in London and feels passionate about food as a platform for building communities. She feels lucky to have worked and volunteered at a range of projects across the city over the past 10 years. Previously, Jala has worked at a city farm running therapeutic horticulture sessions for adults.

Her interests range from supporting people to feel well in food growing spaces, learning and sharing knowledge about farming and our food system as well as soil health and agroecological farming practices. Working at Sutton Community Farm is her first venture into commercial growing, and Jala thinks this is the absolute best “field” of work to be involved in and is loving learning from such a brilliant crew.