Charlotte Steel

charlotte-steelCharlotte has been involved at the farm since starting as a volunteer in April, 2012 and joining the staff team that September. Until December, 2015 her responsibilities included volunteer management, group facilitation, vegetable production and financial administration. Her role evolved along with the needs of the organisation and she has applied her skills accordingly. Over these years she built up intimate knowledge of the farm operations putting her in a good position to take over as General Manager from January 2016.

Prior to joining Sutton Community Farm she spent three years as an Investment Analyst working in environmental finance, helping to make decisions about clean technology investments. She has a Masters degree in Leadership for Sustainable Development with Forum for the Future and a BSc in International Relations from the London School of Economics.

Charlotte joined the Management Committee in September, 2015. In accordance with the Rules, as an elected member, Charlotte’s term of office ends at the conclusion of her third AMM which will be in 2018.