Sutton FoodBank thank yous

sutton-foodbank-logoWe would like to say a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to the following people who have donated a VegBag to Sutton Food Bank through our VegBox Scheme.

If you’d like to join this list, please visit our Donate a VegBox page to find out how to donate one of our VegBoxes to people in crisis. If you’d like to donate but remain anonymous, that’s fine too – just let us know upon checkout.

Thank you to…

Anonymous (10)

Andrew Lawrence

Alice Thacker

Amy Deakin

Ann Pattison

Anna Chilton

Anne Jepson

Antonia Heath

Avril Fairey

Bjarni Dagbjartsson

Christine Tran

Claire Walton

Dani Burrows

David Banks

Eileen Whelton

Francesca Hawkes

Gaye Whitwam

Goli Mohtadi

Hana Horack

Heenal Mistry

Howard Lambeth

Iain Phillips

Jason Plent

Karen Howard

Kim Robbins-Hallam

Laura Nailor

Leah Philbrick

Lisa Webster

Marcelle de Sousa

Maria Caterina Coates

Marie-Louise Edwards

Mollie Bonard

Nicola Sutton

Patricia Heritage

Paul White

Rachael Nicholson

Rona Hunnisett

Ronan Leyden

Saki Hajnal

Tom Wexler

Tony Pattison

William Cassidy

Zoe Davies