Current research projects

One Planet Living: Developing a framework for farms

Student: Kjersti Hattrem, Kingston University

Sutton Community Farm is developing a Sustainability Action Plan based around BioRegional’s One Planet Living framework. This uses 10 principles to examine the sustainability challenges that we face and to develop appropriate solutions in the context of our farm. This project investigates the replicability and application of the One Planet Framework to farms, exploring common international goals of best practice and how they could integrate with wider goals such as the coming UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Evaluating of the economics of a patchwork farming approach to community food enterprises

Student: Renatha Kiengo, Cranfield University

In urban and peri-urban settings, large areas of agricultural land are scarce and food growing occurs in gardens or small patches of community food growing spaces. Sutton Community Farm aims to position itself as a significant contributor to food production in its local community and is therefore interested in evaluating the economic viability of taking on more land. With limited opportunities for land, we are interested in evaluating the economics and business opportunity of scaling with a patchwork farming approach. This project also evaluates the social and environmental factors and logistics of this approach.