After School Cook Clubs

With funding from the London Borough of Sutton, Sutton Community Farm is offering 12 lucky schools the opportunity to host a six-week cook club for parents and their children to explore new skills and build confidence in the kitchen. These are available from April 2016.

Our experience on the farm has proven how food can bring people people together from a diverse demographic in the local community. Food is a culture and a daily activity everybody shares and we believe cooking is a basic life skill that everybody can enjoy and should experience. The activities at the After School Cook Clubs are designed to be inclusive, catering for a wide-as-possible audience, and our experience at the farm supports this approach.

These six-week cookery clubs include loads of hands-on, interactive cooking and food preparation to increase skills and confidence in the kitchen, healthy eating advice and an opportunity to visit a local growing site to keep the learning going. In each session participants will cook enough food to have a meal together at the end of the activity, and enough to take home for a meal later in the week.

Each week we’ll cover a healthy eating message and cook or prepare a meal based on that message. For example, five a day, sugar swaps, and the importance of reducing fat and salt. We identified primary school locations that are likely to have the greatest need, and we will take into account dietary preferences such as dairy, gluten and wheat intolerances, recommending alternative ingredients. We will also keep the recipe instructions as simple as possible, assuming people are new to cooking and may have limited ability.

The wider project includes the Sutton People’s Kitchen pop-up market on Sutton High Street which will aim to promote healthy cooking, eating and food-growing sites.

If you would like to know more or would like your school to benefit from free cooking classes, please get in touch with Robyn at