Packaging for our VegBoxes

In line with our principles on sustainability we follow the ‘Reduce;Reuse;Recycle’ mantra for our VegBox packaging. Find out more below….


  • We minimise the requirement for packaging by weighing many items straight into your bags, including roots and brassicas.
  • We only use packaging where it is necessary to protect the item, or maintain it’s freshness. This includes greens, mushrooms and soft fruits.

  • We chose packaging based on its ability to protect the product (we don’t want to end up causing food waste), how it is made, and how it can be reused or recycled.


  • Our jute bags can be reused many times. Please help us get the most use out of them by leaving them out for our drivers to collect. If you need to stop ordering, we will be happy to come and collect bags, or you can drop them to your nearest pick up point.
  • We can reuse punnets and sleeves still in good condition, just leave them out with your jute bag! Or re-use them at home, as handy food-waste tubs for clearing your kitchen tops.


Punnet sleeves – We get these especially made by a supplier committed to sustainable packaging. Made from cardboard, the sleeves are fully recyclable, biodegradable and compostable.

Punnets – These are made from recycled paper so can be recycled/composted by your council through the normal recycled paper stream.

Plastic produce bags – At the moment we feel plastic is the best available option for a few types of green veg. It keeps the product fresh (which avoids food waste) and has a lower carbon footprint than paper bags. However, the packaging industry is changing fast and we keep an eye out for new products which might help.

We use 3 different size bags, 2 of which are biodegradable.
– Bags for our bulk salad and herbs  will biodegrade at landfill within 12-24 months.
– However the medium size bag – usually used for spinach, kale and other ‘greens’ are not currently compostable or biodegradable, and may/may not be recycled by your local council at kerbside.

We have been trying out some new compostable bags made from the Thistle plant which are fully home-compostable – please let us know your feedback on facebook or by email! 

Our Suppliers

Follow these links for more information on sustainable packaging from our suppliers: