Christmas Delivery Schedule & Ordering Instructions 2017

Christmas is fast approaching! We’ve started planning ahead and to make sure that you get all the fruit and veg you need for the festive period we need you to log in to your account, update your order for 21/22 December and cancel your order for 28/29 Dec. The farm will be closed between 23 December and 1 January.

As well as your regular delivery for 21/22 December you can order one of our Christmas VegBoxes (Large or Medium) plus any extras. Our Christmas VegBoxes will include all your festive favourites and our regular delivery for that week will offer slightly different contents. Make sure that your order for the 21/22 includes enough to see you through two weeks as there will be no delivery on 28/29 December. 

2 things you need to do ahead of your Christmas delivery:

  1. Tailor your Christmas delivery here on our online farm shop. When you log in, scroll down and you will see a list of all your upcoming orders. Click to open your order for 21/22 Dec, click ‘Amend this delivery’ and enjoy your Christmas shopping! Be sure to click ‘Update’ to make sure the system saves any quantity changes.
  2. Click to open your order for 28/29 Dec and then ‘Cancel this delivery’. We’re not delivering this week.
Dates to diarise:
17th Dec: Usual Sunday deadline for final deliveries of 2017
21st/22nd Dec: FINAL DELIVERIES FOR 2017
23rd Dec-1st Jan: Farm closed (no deliveries)
31st Dec: Usual Sunday deadline for first deliveries of 2018

4th/5th Jan: normal deliveries resume for 2018

Lastly, please be sure to tell your guests where their meal has come from, and browse through our FARM RECIPE BANK for inspiration for your festive cooking!
Christmas Dinner VegBox contents (approximate quantities)
Medium Large
Potatoes 1kg 1.5kg
Carrots 600g 1kg
Onions 600g 1kg
Cabbage 1 head 1 head
Parsnips 600g 1kg
Brussel sprouts 400g 400g
Mushrooms (White)
Squash (Pumpkin)  1.2kg 2kg
Chestnuts 200g 200g