Partners and supporters

Sutton Community Farm is proud to work with and have support from:


City Bridge Trust are supporting us to deliver our volunteering programme, Buddy Volunteering and educational activities (2016-2019). The Trust are also supporting us to grow our VegBox scheme and prepare ourselves for social investment opportunities through the Stepping Stones fund (2017-2018).



The Community Shares Booster Programme will enable us to launch a second community share offer in 2017. Monies raised will be match funded and we are benefitting from grant support to help us with preparations for the share issue.


The James Trust will enable us to expand and enhance our work with people in our community you have learning difficulties.


The Elizabeth Creak Charitable Trust are supporting our Apprenticeship programme in 2017.

Comic-Relief-144 The London Community Foundation / Comic Relief is helping us facilitate community volunteering days at the farm and our Buddy Volunteering programme.
Comic-Relief-144 Greggs Foundation is supporting our composting project, helping to get vulnerable adults more empowered and involved on site.
Comic-Relief-144 Postcode Local Trust is helping to improve biodiversity on our site.


Growing Together is helping with advice to help secure our land and lease for the future.


Reed Business Information are a local business that have supported us from the very beginnings of the farm. Groups of willing volunteers help in the fields throughout the year, and we have received generous donations to enable us to buy our electric van, donate fresh produce to Sutton Food Bank and to support our Sutton People’s Kitchen project.


Subsea 7 are a local business that have supported us for many years. Groups of willing volunteers have come to help us out in the fields, and we have received generous donations to enable us to buy our electric van and donate fresh fruit and veg to SCILL.


Luckies  have supported us since 2015 by generously sponsoring our returnable jute bags. Groups of willing volunteers have also come to help us out in the fields.


We are working with OptimoRoute this year (2017) to streamline our routes and make sure we deliver our produce as fresh as possible to our VegBox customers.

Past Funders

Ernest Cook Trust helped us to establish an accredited apprenticeship scheme in 2013-14.

Big Potential helped us to transition to a community-owned enterprise. Funding strengthened our governance and enabled us to launch our first share offer in 2015. We were also able to invest in our VegBox scheme, improving systems and tackling operational challenges to position ourselves for   further growth.




The Tudor Trust helps smaller, community-led groups which are supporting people at the margins of society. Support from the Tudor Trust has provided a vital contribution towards managing our volunteer programme in 2014-15.


The Mayor of London’s Team London programme has helped us increase our capacity to host larger groups on the farm and facilitate our Buddy Volunteering programme, helping increase the number of volunteers we can support at the farm (2014-16).

SuttonCommunityFund Sutton Community Fund supports projects that benefit Sutton residents and meet the Council’s priorities. This has helped fund our compost loo, our kitchen and after-school clubs on the farm.


Growing Livelihoods is an initiative from the Carnegie Trust and Plunkett Foundation to test and promote new opportunities in smaller-scale food growing for those new to the sector. This supported the launch of our FarmStart pilot project.



Veolia Environmental Trust supported improvements to habitats and biodiversity on the farm in 2013.

co-operative-membership-fund Co-operative Membership Community Fund has kindly awarded some capital funding towards a small polytunnel, tables and other kitchen equipment.

Big Lottery Fund PINK

Big Lottery: Local food is part of the Big Lottery Fund’s Changing Spaces programme which was launched in November 2005 to help communities enjoy and improve their local environments.The programme funds a range of activities from local food schemes and farmers markets, to education projects teaching people about the local environment.

Naturesave Trust

The Naturesave Trust: Naturesave is an insurance provider that has strong ethical and environmental standards. The Naturesave Trust supports projects with a long-term benefit which deal proactively with the root of a particular problem as opposed to merely reacting to the effects.



BioRegional logo RGB Bioregional: Our farm was a project initiated by environmental charity Bioregional and an outcome from a borough-wide initiative called One Planet Food. Bioregional continues to support the farm through friendly advice and by helpful donations of their unwanted furniture!


EcoLocal: A local charity that develops and delivers a broad range of environmental sustainability services designed to help people move toward more pro-environmental behaviours.

Orchard_Hill_branding Orchard Hill College: Orchard Hill College is a non-residential specialist college offering educational opportunities for students over 16 years with severe, profound and complex learning difficulties and disabilities. A number of learners regularly undertake work experience on a voluntary weekly basis. Learners have the opportunity to develop many core skills in a safe, natural, community environment.



Good Energy provide us with 100 per cent     renewable energy.

tool-shed-logo The Tool Shed: The Conservation Foundation’s tools recycling project has helped provide much-needed tools for the farm. Run in association with HM Prisons, the project has given away thousands of tools, given new skills to prisoners and saved tonnes of waste. Click here to learn more.